Sacred furniture and blessed artwork custom made for you.

Enjoy the unique experience of having a piece of furniture, wood frame, or piece of jewelry not only made just the way you want,
but with thoughtful care, love, and specific intention to your individual needs.

The masterful craftsmanship alone is enough to purchase such a lovely item. Add to that the experience of having a true Shaman bless the
piece with prayer and thoughtful intention throughout the entire process.

Have you ever had a cold or the flu? Sometimes the only thing that could make you feel better would be a sandwich made with love from mom,
or a hot cup of soup made by your spouse or a dear friend. For some reason that soup or sandwich just tasted better. It's because it was made just for you by someone who loves you. This is the idea behind all of the Shaman Carpenter's work.

You are invited to look around and see if there is something here that could become a functional centerpiece to your home. Perhaps an alter, a wooden picture frame, or just s simple bracelet is just the thing.

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